The best time to visit Nepal

Kathmandu, Apr 05

Nepal is an extensively diversified country with varied climatic conditions as per topography and altitude. It measures about 885 kilometers along its Himalayan axis by 145 - 241 kilometers across. Within that small territory too, Nepal experiences four main seasonality centered around the summer monsoon.  We do have spring, summer, autumn and winter. Also, the effect of seasonality varies by altitude ranging from tropical to the arctic.

The majority of the travelers’ priority of coming Nepal is Mountain View for which autumn and spring are the best time. Do come in autumn (Sep-Nov): the peak season or in spring (Mar-May): the fall season, when the weather is dry, clear and neither too cold nor too hot. For some of the pleasing trekking, cultural tours, rafting and other adventure sports, most prefer to visit Nepal at these periods.


The four different seasons in Nepal are:

Passing by rhododendron forestSpring (March to May)
In low lands the temperature is pretty warm while moderate as the elevation rises. The weather becomes pretty much clear with plenty of opportunity of seeing the Mountain View. This is plant’s revitalizing time too, when they get blossom and most of the mid hills become colorful with blooming Rhododendron forest.

Summer (June to August)
This is the monsoon period in Nepal.  The weather becomes hot & wet with almost daily rainfall, thunderstorm and occasional turbulent. It is pretty much difficult to travel around the Himalayas.

Autumn (September to November)
Autumn is the pick tourist season in Nepal. For most, the weather becomes so pleasant with guaranteed Mountain View. So, we recommend book your trek/ tour in advance. This is also the festive season in Nepal as two biggest festivals of country, Dashain and Tihar, fall at this period.

Winter (December to February)
At high elevation, weather become pretty much cold which is tolerable as elevation descends. So trekking / tour are good in lower elevations but it is not recommended to higher.