Nepal Bus Tour

One of the most popular ways to visit new places is to participate in a bus tour, and Trekking Mart offers the finest in Nepal bus tours for the top destinations in Nepal for all travelers and tourists. Trekking Mart features amazing tours to places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini as well as other top locations via our deluxe vehicles.

We offer bus tours in not only Nepal but also in East Africa, northern India, Bhutan, and Tibet. Trekking Mart is the pioneer of bus tours in Nepal and East Africa, allowing our visitors the fun and luxury of going with a group as they experience the sights and sounds of these amazing countries.

Trekking Mart uses only first quality buses with highly experienced drivers to ensure your safety. We provide luxury buses that are for the exclusive use of our specialized tours. You can choose from 3, 4 or 5-star quality accommodations. Each of the hotels we choose feature heat, air conditioning, and elevators (except those resorts that are totally on the ground floor).

Food? Our resorts and hotels will feature a wonderful array of delicious cuisines, ranging from local foods, continental as well as oriental that will delight your taste buds. We choose only the best restaurants that will give you delicious food hygienically prepared and with the finest of staff to serve you.

Choose from a large selection of tour packages.

Book your group or join with one of our special tour packages for an amazing time. Either way, you will discover these countries in a way not possible with any other trekking or travel company in the region.

Trekking Mart looks forward to serving you. Call or write today about our special packages for your next bus journey through either the Himalayas or the jungles of Africa. We can put together the ideal trip for you.

Booking Bus Tours with Trekking Mart

We at Trekking Mart are highly focused on delivering amazing customer service every time you book a Nepal Bus Tour with us. We offer safe, clean and dependable vehicles to serve our clients. Our guided tour buses make your travel smooth and easy. You can explore the top visitor attractions in Nepal, which includes the rich heritage of the Kathmandu Valley, wildlife safaris in Chitwan National Park, adventures in the magical Annapurna Mountains and the city of Pokhara along with the best of palaces and high class handicrafts in Bhaktapur, Patan and many other places in Nepal with us.

If you are planning an escape to the wonders of nature, then book now your Nepal Bus Tour. The adventure of a lifetime is just a phone call or email away!