Senior Citizen Tours

Senior Citizen Tours

Trekking Mart is the pioneer in developing senior citizen tours and treks. We were the first company in Nepal to organize senior bus tours, bringing our older clients a high quality of service catering to their special needs while bringing them close to the absolute beauty of the Himalayas as well as East Africa.

Senior citizens can choose from a variety of activities, from simple sightseeing to trekking and adventure sports like paragliding and white-water rafting. One of our clients went ziplining at the age of 93 in the Himalayas!

Trekking Mart understands the special needs of seniors, and we have trained our staff to meet those needs. We have access to medical staff should the need arise. We offer extra staffing on our bus trips to take care of any special needs. We pay attention to your pre-existing medical conditions so that we can take the best care of you. When you travel with Trekking Mart, you are in good hands.

Choose the company that treats its senior clients as honored guests. Trekking Mart is the perfect company to provide you with the ultimate in Himalayan and African experiences. Call or write today for more information about our senior packages and bus tours.

Why Senior Citizens should choose Trekking Mart

Until Trekking Mart started to do senior citizen tours, no one in the industry even thought about this market. While a lot of companies may say they understand seniors, only Trekking Mart has the experience to know how to provide that special touch when it comes to service and support to ensure you of the finest adventure possible.

Here are some important reasons why Trekking Mart is the best choice for senior citizen tours:

  • Specially trained guides. Our guides have been specially trained to know how to work with our senior clients. Our guides are taught how to treat senior citizens in order to provide the best possible service.
  • Unrushed treks and tours. Most trekking companies have guides who are only trained to work with younger travelers rather than older adventurers. We at Trekking Mart know that older people don’t move like the younger travelers. Our older visitors can trek at a slower pace, making for a more enjoyable experience. And our tours are not rushed, so you can take your time.
  • All hotels have elevators. Whether you choose our basic packages or our premium trips, the hotels we choose all have elevators (except those that are all ground floor.) We know steps can be a problem. Of course, if you are doing trekking, elevators in the mountain regions are not available, but we will try to find nothing higher than the second floor for your convenience.
  • Quality, hygienically prepared food. Coming from a developed nation can often mean in this part of the world food served in poorly hygienic kitchens. We’ve inspected the kitchens and know which restaurants and hotels maintain the highest standards to ensure the health of our clients.  Trekking Mart wants you to stay healthy when traveling in our countries.
  • Medical Doctors on Call. When you travel on a bus journey, we have on call quality, foreign-trained physicians that can treat any problem that may arise. We have access to good hospitals and pharmacies that feature quality of services and care similar to what you would find back home. We don’t anticipate you will need these services, but if such needs arise, we will be able to handle it.
  • Luxury Buses. Sure, you’ve read stories about bus accidents in developing nations. These accidents usually happen with poorly maintained local buses driven by inexperienced drivers. Trekking Mart only uses luxury buses that are properly maintained and have highly experienced, professional drivers. All of our drivers are properly licensed and have the necessary training. You can feel safe and secure when you choose to travel with Trekking Mart on any bus tour in the countries we serve.
  • Commitment to safety. From the food you eat to places you sleep, you can have a worry-free experience. This is because Trekking Mart worries about each person that travels with us. Trekking Mart turns that concern into positive action; assuring you that you can sleep, eat and travel safely.
  • Increased staff on each bus. All of our luxury buses come with driver and helpers. We increase the number of staff which includes a high quality, English speaking guide, and at least one assistant. Trekking Mart understands that service is essential to a successful trip. You can rest assured that there will always be someone to help you when you need assistance. And our people are always looking out for you.
  • Women Travelers. Trekking Mart has learned that most senior tours have a majority of women traveling, so we have female helpers to assist you. We make sure we have western toilets available on bus tours in strategic locations along the way. Our women travelers can always feel safe and secure when they travel with Trekking Mart.
  • Western toilets and hot water. Sadly, developing nations are noted for often having poor quality bathrooms with strange toilets. At Trekking Mart, we understand that artificial joints often means that traditional toilets in this part of the world don’t work for you. All of our hotels and restaurants have good, clean toilets as well as hot water on demand in all of the hotels we use. (Please note that on treks, western toilets are not always available, but are always available on our bus tours.)