A Milestone to Achieve Manaslu Trekking, Nepal

Nepal is a country of snow clad mountains, yaks and yetis and exotic flora and fauna. Its rich culture and natural landscape make it an ideal tourist destination. Furthermore, it is the trekker’s paradise. Among a lot number of trekking places, and Manaslu is the most liked trekking destination.

Manaslu the trekking paradise:

It has one of the most pristine and unspoiled trekking landscape. Manaslu is an ideal trekking destination for ones who want to enjoy the purity of nature and be in the lap of the Himalayas. Trekkers got permission to enter Manaslu only after 1991. It is a sensitive zone, and solo trekking is restricted. A special permit needs to be granted by Nepal Immigration Department for trekking in this area, and the only organized trek is permitted.

Manaslu has a vibrant ecosystem and unexplored biodiversity, snow-capped mountains that almost touch the sky. While trekking through this snowy paradise, the tourists will come across exotic views of the Himalayan Mountains that will leave a magnetic attachment with this place. Apart from that there are many river glaciers and lakes that are virgin and a source of pure water. Since trekking in this landscape is not easy, the trekkers will be provided with experienced guides who will be a helping hand for the trekkers on board. There are many hills such as Himal Chuli (7893m), Manaslu Himal( 7187), Ganesh Himal ( 7319m) and shringi Himal (7187m) which are nearby to each other and can be viewed from the “Sama Gompa” , an old monastery.

This area is prone to rock fall and landslides which makes it necessary for the trekkers to be accompanied with expert guides and porters. These porters are aware of places of potential danger and can predict weather abnormalities to ensure that the tour is safe. Although this area is remote but still you can find tea houses for lodging and fooding.

When you plan for trekking in Manaslu range, you must ensure you are healthy and fit for travel and along with that pack light bag pack with some really warm clothes, a nice pair of trekking boots that are comfortable to wear and are of a good brand. Due to the cold climate, you may be prone to fever and cold so ensure you have sufficient medicines with you.


Manaslu trekking will give you a lifetime experience that you can cherish lifelong. There are many travel stories of this beautiful paradise and so come and carry one for you. The magnificent snowy peaks and flora and fauna will make you forget the daily hassle of modern lifestyle. So hurry up and pack up your bags.