New highest lake found in Manang district (Kajin Sara Lake) - regarded as the highest in the world.

Kajin Sara Lake also called as Singar Lake is located at 5202 meters altitude in the Manang district.  The lake remained mysterious till date but as per the search from the officials for new trek routes for tourists visiting the region,  have discovered and have started to find out the details. The Lake is located near the Lamjung Himal Base Camp and is 24 km away from Chame-Manang.

This lake is regarded to be the highest lake in the world which is 83 meters higher in altitude than the Tilicho Lake the previous highest lake in the world known so far. However, the officials have not taken out the formal data about it. The length of the Lake is about 1.5 km and 600 meters in width. The local area is known as Singar (in the local language, it means the grazing meadow of yak and sheep), so the locals have given the name of the Lake as Singar.