Rani Pokhari Bhaktapur

Nepal is the home of historical places and monuments constructed by the Kings and Queens. The locals of Bhaktapur have an attachment to this place that is 390 years old. People used to perform many religious rituals and festivals there.

Built during MallaRegim

Total Area: 175232 square feet

Area of the Lake: 68792.25 square feet

Permissions required to enter the place for rituals and religious activities. The locals were not impressed by the army not letting them enter their own places.

Rani Pokhari Bhaktapur was being used for army training. 

Phases of Reconstruction

Phase One

Filling up water in Rani Pokhari

Budget: 1 Crore (50 Lakhs used)

Phase Two

Placing artistic sculpture.

Phase Three

The round trail so that the locals can stroll around in the morning and the evening. Also, revive the insense of the place "Putali Garden" with the plantation of trees.

During 1735, JitamitraMalla established artistic sculptures and other sculptures of god goddesses.

As found carved in the stones. The head of a snake named "Basuki" thrown in Rani Pokhari, the body of the snake in Siddha Pokhari and tail in NapukhuPokhari. All these Pokhari located in Bhaktapur known as three sisters.

As said the long lost sister that is Rani Pokhari of Bhaktapur is being set up into its original structure.