Explore the Hidden Paradise of The Himalayan Kingdom by Opting for Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang Trekking gives you the privilege to explore the unseen world of Mustang also known as Lo. This Buddhist kingdom was once a part of the Tibetan empire and therefore has a huge influence on Tibetan language, culture, and geography.  Since Mustang was isolated from the outside world for a prolonged period its landscape and Tibetan culture are yet unspoiled.

Mustang is known for its arid and rocky landscape and lies barren most of the year. It is covered with rocks of all kinds and breathtaking formation. This desolate landscape has a bare settlement of the whitewashed house, barley fields, and decorated Buddhist prayer flags which add a glimpse of the color element to this barren landscape.

Upper Mustang was a highly restricted area. The Nepal Government granted permission to non-Nepali trekkers some fifteen years back. In order to enter the upper Mustang, trekkers have to travel further north of Kagbeni and also need a special trekking permit.

Major Attractions in Mustang:

The pathway moves along the prehistoric salt Caravan route through which the inhabitants of Mustang used to exchange grains from the lowlands. For most of the trekkers, the goal of the upper Mustang trek is to explore the capital of Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang. One can visualize the walled medieval capital from the Lo La (3950 m) pass.

Trekkers get mesmerized upon entering Lo Mantang since it is a completely different world, filled with constricted passageways, hidden chortens, extended walls of stunning prayer wheels, and farming animals wandering in the fields. Other attractions in the Lo Manthang are the royal palace, monasteries such as Thugchen Gompa built around the 15th century. The Amchi School and museum are an ideal visit for those who want to further understand the inheritance.

Brief Guide to Mustang Trek:

Mustang laying in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas especially the Dhaulagiri massif is suitable for trekking even during the monsoons. Trekking in this rocky landscape is comparatively not that arduous since the highest point being reached is 3,800 meters. But situations are not always the same. The winters are extremely chilly and Mustang is windy and dusty all throughout the year. It is advisable to avoid winter treks due to adverse weather conditions.

Now a day’s accommodations in guesthouses are available all throughout the trek. You will be glad to know the people are friendly and the owner could invite you to sit in the kitchen. Built like a living room a Tibetan kitchen is the center of the house.

Those who feel it difficult to trek along with the bag packs can hire porters from Jomsom while it is ideal to carry loads on the mules up to Mustang since they are more economical.

The easiest way to reach the upper Mustang is taking a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and begin the trek from there. It is one of the most thrilling flights with breathtaking views as it flies through the deepest George of the world.

There are many travel and tour companies in Nepal with custom-made itineraries to fit your requirements. They will take care of your entire accommodation needs and will provide you with porters and mules for carrying your bag pack.


Trekking in Mustang is a feeling like being in paradise; the pathways that lead up to Mustang are simply breathtaking. Furthermore, anyone will be mesmerized by seeing the magnificent view of many snow-capped mountains of Nepal. So go pack up your bags and discover the enchanting divine kingdom.